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Oversee Your Legacy (Advance Health Care Directive)

April 1, 2018

An Advance Health Care Directive allows you to have some control over your medical care after you become incapacitated. Your Directive permits your health care agent to exercise broad or limited authority over your health care treatment based on your wishes.


The person you nominate to serve as your health care agent is authorized to make medical decisions for you according to the directions and authority in your Advance Health Care Directive. If you become incapacitated and do not have a Directive, your family members, healthcare professionals, and the court (in some cases) will make your health care decisions for you.


An Advance Health Care Directive should include your end-of-life health care preference. Having a Directive can help alleviate stress and provide guidance to those tasked with making your medical decisions. Having a valid Advance Health Care Directive and sharing it with your family members and caregivers can help ensure that your health care wishes are honored.


If you have questions about your estate plan or would like us to prepare an Advance Health Care Directive for you call us at 801-447-5577.

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