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Real Estate


Whether you are buying or selling your home, purchasing or selling a commercial property, or leasing real estate, we can help you with your real estate needs. We are experienced in real estate transactions large and small. Our detail-oriented approach ensures that your purchase and sale contracts, leases, and title and closing documents are thoroughly reviewed at each stage of your transaction.

Residential Real Estate


If a legal issue arises in your home sale or purchase, or if you would like an attorney to review your transaction documents, we can help you. We can review your Real Estate Purchase Contract to ensure it is filled out correctly, accurately represents the agreement between the parties, and protects you in the best possible way.




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Commercial Real Estate


Whether you are purchasing office space, vacant land, or retail space, we can take you through each step of the process from contract to closing. Some of the legal services we routinely provide to our commercial real estate clients are as follows:


  • Purchase and Sale Agreement Drafting

  • Contract Negotiation

  • Title Review

  • Survey Review

  • Seller Disclosures Preparation and Review

  • Due Diligence Review

  • Closing Documents Preparation



We represent landlords and tenants in negotiating, drafting, and interpreting lease agreements, including residential, commercial, and ground leases.


Landlords: Whether you are leasing an office building, retail space, an apartment complex, a home or condominium, or vacant land, we can help you craft a lease that fits your objectives and provides you legal protection.


Tenants: Before entering into a new lease, you should have it reviewed by a qualified attorney to verifty that the lease is appropriate for your situation. As we review your lease, we can help you identify any problematic clauses in your lease and negotiate an appropriate solution with your landlord.